Schmeden Tonsil Punch Through Cutting Stainless Steel, 12 cm - 4 3/4
Ref#: JI-TL-213-02
Schmeden Tonsil Punch Through
Tendon Tunnelling Forcep 1 x 2 Teeth Stainless Steel, 21 cm - 8 1/4
Ref#: JI-OR-828-21
Tendon Tunnelling Forcep 1 x 2
MaxBright Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscope Blade Fig. 1 - For Children Stainless Steel, Working Length 80 mm
Ref#: JI-AN-810-01
MaxBright Fiber Optic Miller L
Borchardt Twist Drill 5 mm Borchardt Shaft, Long Working End Stainless Steel, Diameter 7.0 mm Ø
Ref#: JI-OR-060-70
Borchardt Twist Drill 5 mm Bor
Hoffer Optic Zone Marker With Cross Hairs Stainless Steel, 10.5 cm - 4 1/4
Ref#: JI-OP-913-12
Hoffer Optic Zone Marker With
Sterile Container Scopy Model Blue Perforated Lid - With Silicone Stand, Lock and Label Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 450 x 70 x 70 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-882-04
Sterile Container Scopy Model
Sterile Container Implant Model Blue Non-Perforated Lid and Bottom Stainless Steel - Aluminium, Size 500 x 169 x 75 mm
Ref#: JI-ST-822-04
Sterile Container Implant Mode
Tischler Biospy Forcep Tip Only Stainless Steel, 25.5 cm - 10
Ref#: JI-GY-895-01
Tischler Biospy Forcep Tip Onl
Conical Burr, Fine Spacing Stainless Steel, Diameter 8.0 mm Ø
Ref#: JI-OR-078-08
Conical Burr, Fine Spacing Sta

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