Yasargil Micro Needle Bayonet Shaped - Semi Sharp Stainless Steel, 24 cm - 9 1/2
Ref#: JI-NS-618-24
Yasargil Micro Needle Bayonet
Hibbs Retractor Stainless Steel, 23.5 cm - 9 1/4
Ref#: JI-OR-781-13
Hibbs Retractor Stainless Stee
 Micro Scissor Curved - Bayonet Shaped Stainless Steel, 23 cm - 9
Ref#: JI-SS-811-23
Micro Scissor Curved - Bayone
Rowe Disimpaction Forcep Right - Small Stainless Steel, 22.5 cm - 8 3/4
Ref#: JI-OM-570-02
Rowe Disimpaction Forcep Right
UltraCut™ TC Wire Cutting Plier For Soft Wires up to 1.5 mm Ø - For Hard Wiers up to 1.0 mm Ø Stainless Steel, 13 cm - 5 1/4
Ref#: JI-OR-230-13
UltraCut™ TC Wire Cutting Pl
Corona™ Premium Fiber Optic Miller Laryngoscope Blade Fig. 0 - For Babies Stainless Steel, Working Length 55 mm
Ref#: JI-AN-510-00
Corona™ Premium Fiber Optic
 Teale Tenaculum Forcep 3 x 4 Teeth Stainless Steel, 23.5 cm - 9 1/4
Ref#: JI-GY-591-23
Teale Tenaculum Forcep 3 x 4
Doyen Retractor Stainless Steel, 28 cm - 11
Ref#: JI-RT-431-02
Doyen Retractor Stainless Stee
DeBakey Atrauma Dissecting and Ligature Forcep Stainless Steel, 24 cm - 9 1/2
Ref#: JI-CV-381-23
DeBakey Atrauma Dissecting and

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